Monday, 15 April 2013

A Hillsborough Monday

For some the pain may never subside, but we the football family are on your side,
Hold you heads up with much pride, we the football family put all rivalry aside,
Justice must forever be sought, so that the 96 deaths aren't for naught,
Those who perished will always be cherished,
And their memories will never be diminished,
Every April, the glass is half full, justice is coming so keep being hopeful,
Tears and prayers are shared by family & friends,
This ensures the journey for justice will never end,
Liverpool FC are forever in my heart, Hillsborough will forever be a part of the collective LFC heart,
Honour & dignity is what the families have displayed, masking broken hearts that are still dismayed,
No matter how many games our played, the memories of the 96 will forever remain,
In our minds, our spirit & our souls, as we try to reach the goal,
Of justice for the 96, JUSTICE FOR THE 96!!!

By Liam Angell aka Straight Shootin' LJA